I I W I I - It Is What It Is - 2018

The unpolished the rough and the unexpected. the way life really is.
iiwii by mindoris is Inspired by the perfection of the imperfect.
 this limited edition collection is all about THAT.
We are what we are AND
Let’s embrace it.

We are what we are and
Let’s embrace it.


A FEW - 2017

A FEW is byMINDORIS second unisex collection in silver. The collection is inspired by the four elements of AIR, FIRE, EARTH and WATER. All of this in by MINDORIS interpretation of the four elements. The name was given, the collection A FEW is a limited edition. Everything is made by hand in Gothenburg, as well as by MINDORIS’s previous collection, released in 2016. The spiritual triangle is also reflected in this collection as well, as it is the central form of by MINDORIS creations. As much as the three corners of the collection HUM △ NS. It stands for him / her / just the one you are, reflecting stability and chaos. Just like me.


HUM△NS - 2016

We may love in different ways, act in others.
We may live in different parts of the world, with different conditions.
We may take various decisions, some right some wrong,
and sometimes we're quick to judge but we all have one thing in common,

We're all HUM△NS

- Once again Grandma, THANKS.
You are forever my hero beloved, minDORIS